Walk Your Talk: This Program is Conducted by Dr. Ajaz Qureshi and he talks about Personal Development, Time Management and more useful topics. As name indicates, theme of show is about doing what u claim, not empty words. It’s a light infotainment, Motivation and Inspirational show, interwoven with current milieu and addressing Psychological Issues. Q & A from live comments. Phone calls from viewers answered real time. Usually starts with sharing a story of life Struggles and Achievements by a known larger than life personality. It’s about how they walked their talk. It’s a very interactive program studded with Light humor and solutions to day to day Stressful situations.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 164)

How can the practice of visualization help you achieve your goals?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 163)

Addiction, chemical dependence and its treatment is being discuss by Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 162)

If eyesight is weak, we use power glasses to correct the eyesight. If mindsight is weak then how to correct it?


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 161)

Reprogramming the human mind for the great connect with bio diversity

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 160)


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 159)

Our five senses bring us close to real world or not?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 158)

What is food for spirit? and why is it most important?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 157)

Is it a good policy to give people face saving?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 156)

How can you be rich, Happy & live to your max!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 155)

Does Human kind in their nature like to be friendly to each other

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 154)

How To Stop Giving Advice

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 153)

Worry kills, How not to worry!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 152)

12 Brain Based Executive Skills

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 151)

Paranoid Personality Disorders!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 150)

5 Types of self talk that our brain loves to hear!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 149)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about Covid-19

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 148)

How to listen and solve the issues?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 147)

What is Empathy and Apathy?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 146)

An interview with Public Health Specialist Dr Fareeha Irfan conducted by Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 145)

Release of Song by Sultan Saqib Baloch for Corona Virus Prevention!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 144)

Should we surrender to the unexpected challenges of life or face and fight against them?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 143)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about precautions against corona virus!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 142)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks on 23rd March, 2020 about Pakistan day 🇵🇰💚 and the hard facts about prevention of global pandemic Corona virus, COVID-19!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 141)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi & Dr Javed Iqbal talks about Corona Virus!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 140)

How thoughts, mood, behaviors, symptoms and situations effect human life!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 139)

Marital Discord between Husband and Wife!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 138)

How We Can Balance Logic and Emotions to Understand Others and Make them Understand our Point of View, Explain's Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 137)

12 Executive Skills Play an Important Role as Software of Super Brain, Explain's Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 136)

12 Executive Skills and 7 Habits! How do they Connect with Each Other. Explain's Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 135)

How to win hearts of others while keeping your own heart happy, explains Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 134)

An Interview with Dr Aneeq Ahmad on Behavioral Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 133)

Heart's role in healthy body, mind and relations!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 132)

How to get a yes, when to say no & how to say a No and how to get past the no, Dr Ajaz Qureshi discusses the golden principles!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 131)


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 130)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talking about Real Love and False Expectations!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 129)

How can u make people follow your agenda, Dr. Ajaz Qureshi explains 10 foolproof hacks!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 128)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about how humans are multi talented, versatile and how they should take care of themselves inside out!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 127)

Emotional Intelligence by Dr Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 126)

Importance of keeping "Relationships" healthy and happy by Dr Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 125)

Learning For Success

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 124)

How Our Life Can Be Affected By Our Thoughts & Vice Versa

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 123)

An Interview With Dr. Ahsan Riaz (Plastic Surgeon)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 122)

How To Be A Positive Personality For Good & Healthy Life?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 121)

Responsibility! does it make children unhappy? Appreciation or criticism, how does it shape our personality?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 120)

Why Economic Stability Is Important to Prevent Addiction?
معاشی استحکام کیوں ضروری ہے تا کہ لوگ ایڈکشن کا شکار نہ ہو سکیں۔

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 119)

What it means to be "Sincerely Your's", what are turns, twists and fundamental laws? How to assess value?❤

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 118)

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction treatment center & psychiatric disorders treatment at Willing Ways Rehab! Treatment model and counseling options explained by Dr Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 117)

Self Defeating Attitude & Self Sabotaging Behaviors!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 116)


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 115)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about Valuable & Winning Skills!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 114)

How to change your mind and brain?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 113)

What is Drug Addiction?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 112)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 111)

Good habits can make our lives happy and successful

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 110)

Happy marriage relations, do's & don'ts?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 109)

How do couples communicate with each other?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 108)

Will worthy love, playing hard, singing soft create well-being for self & others?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 107)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about Loyalty & Forgiveness!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 106)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about Arrogance & Prejudice!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 105)

Apni taraqi ko yaqeeni kaisay banaien?🤔

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 104)

Human Diversity

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 103)

Do you know, how to love? 🤔, do u think you are lovable?🤷‍♂

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 102)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 101)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 100)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 99)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 98)


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 97)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 96)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 95)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 94)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 93)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 92)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 91)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 90)

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 89)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 88)


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 87)


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 86)


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 85)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 84)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 83)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 82)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 81)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 80)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 79)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 78)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 77)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 76)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 75)



Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 74)



Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 73)



Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 72)

Dr. Ajaz Qureshi, Sultan saqib and Hira Shahid talking about Ramadan and Eid!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 71)

Goals making by Dr. Ejaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 70)

Personal Leadership Development Plan by Dr. Ejaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 69)

Dr. Ajaz Qureshi interviewing Danish Khan and talk about Personal Development

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 68)

Interesting Talk and Interview of Arif Anis Author: I'm Possible (International Personal Development Couch)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 67)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi and Shanzey Faiz (Life Coach) Guest speaker talking about successful life!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 66)

Personal Leadership Development Plan By Dr. Ejaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 65)

Inspirational talk by Dr Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 64)

Introspection leads to acceptance & acceptance leads to growth & improvement

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 63)

Comparison breeds contempt, each person is unique and gifted

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 62)


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 61)

How to get set and go for positivity? By Dr Ajaz Qureshi!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 60)

What is happening in your life? By Dr. Ijaz Qureshi!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 59)

Tips on how to keep harmony in Marriage, Trusting Spouse, Good Parenting!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 58)

Those who are Pre-developed, they find them in life!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 57)

Stress Management Group therapy By Dr Ijaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 56)

Dr. Ajaz Qureshi talks about Personal Development, Addiction and Psychology

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 55)

If u try to Solve Problem if u have Believe then u can definitly do it!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 54)

Talks about Kashmir conflict: Myths and Ground Reality!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 53)

Talks about Recovery From Addiction and Sobriety!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 52)

How Thinking Pattern and thinking Paradigms affect your Life?

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 51)

Dr.Ajaz Qureshi and Miss Paras talks about Perception, Beliefs and Drug Addiction!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 50)

Dr.Ajaz Qureshi Talk about Talent, Worth and Attending Live calls

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 49)

Dr.Ajaz Qureshi Talk with Sultan saqib Baloch about Wishes in life

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 48)

25 December Special

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 47)

Planing about New Year and Goal Fixing

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 46)

Inspirational Stories with lessons of Patience and blessings in life!

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 45)

Time Management and Delegation

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 44)

Talks about Addiction

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 43)

Talks about Education and Narcissism

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 42) 

Different Riddles, Puzzels

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 41)

Ubuntu Tribe

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 40)

Interview of Dr.Farasat Ali Dogar

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 39)

Reinforcement Vs Punishment

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 38)

Interview with Ikram ullah Khan

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 37)

Talks about Addiction Prevention

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 36)

Emotions in Life

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 34)

An interview with Taha Sadaqat CEO willing ways

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 33)

Talk about Drug Addiction

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 32)

Weekly live Programs Round up

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 31)

Interview with Guest From London

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 30)

Various Challenges in Life

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 29)

14 August Special

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 28)

Story of Diana

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 27)


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 26)

Story of Nelson mandela


Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 25)

Story of Bruce Lee

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 24) 

Story of Charlie chaplin

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 23)

Story of Vladimir Putin

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 22)

Eid Special

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 21)

Story of Albert Einstein

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 20)

Story of Ali Baba

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 19)

Talk about Muhammad Ali(Boxer)

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 18)

Story of Abdul Sattar Edhi

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 17)

Story of Bill Gates

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 16)

Talking about Health and Attending Live calls

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 15)

Talks about Oprah Winfrey

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 14)

Precious  Stone and CBT Quick Review

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 13)

Inspirational Story

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 12)

Mark Zuckerberg Story

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 11)

Teenage Executive Skills

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 10)

Drive time Show

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 9)

Talk about different Topics and Answering live Calls

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 8)

how to let go of your Past?

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 7)

Someting Bigger is going to happen in your Life, can you you feel it?

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 6)

We should Cling to what is Good

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 5)

Talk about Smoke

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 4)

Executive Skills Weakness

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 3)

Which method is Right for Expressing Love?

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 2)

Inspirational Story

Walk Your Talk   (Episode # 1)

Talk about Patience and Job Interview