Walk Your Talk

Walk your talk

Walk Your Talk: This Program is Conducted by Dr. Ajaz Qureshi and he talks about Personal Development, Time Management and more useful topics. As name indicates, theme of show is about doing what u claim, not empty words. It's a light infotainment, Motivation and Inspirational show, interwoven with current milieu and addressing Psychological Issues. Q & A from live comments. Phone calls from viewers answered real time. Usually starts with sharing a story of life Struggles and Achievements by a known larger than life personality. It's about how they walked their talk. It's a very interactive program studded with Light humor and solutions to day to day Stressful situations.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 171)

Why should we feed the spirit and not matter. that is the essence of spirituality! How does it help?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 170)

how your subconscious mind produces 95% results in our life, and how we can rewrite its program?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 169)

Everyday we interact with people, how we talk to them results in, if we will win or loss them.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 168)

We all have a self story that we tell to our self, if we change the story we will change the our self.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 167)

وہ 10 نکات جو آپ کو کامیابیوں اور خوشیوںسےہمکنار کردینگےبتا رہے ہیں ڈاکٹراعجاز قریشی۔

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 166)

Why most of us are anxious and how to overcome it, explains Dr. Ajaz Qureshi.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 165)

Today is my birthday, let me share with you few things I learnt in last year.

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 164)

How can the practice of visualization help you achieve your goals?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 163)

Addiction, chemical dependence and its treatment is being discuss by Dr. Ajaz Qureshi

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 162)

If eyesight is weak, we use power glasses to correct the eyesight. If mindsight is weak then how to correct it?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 161)

Reprogramming the human mind for the great connect with bio diversity

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 160)


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 159)

Our five senses bring us close to real world or not?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 158)

What is food for spirit? and why is it most important?

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 157)

Is it a good policy to give people face saving?


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 156)

How can you be rich, Happy & live to your max!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 155)

Does Human kind in their nature like to be friendly to each other

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 154)

How To Stop Giving Advice


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 153)

Worry kills, How not to worry!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 152)

12 Brain Based Executive Skills

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 151)

Paranoid Personality Disorders!


Walk Your Talk (Episode # 150)

5 Types of self talk that our brain loves to hear!

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 149)

Dr Ajaz Qureshi talks about Covid-19

Walk Your Talk (Episode # 148)

How to listen and solve the issues?