best addiction treatment center in Pakistan

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best addiction treatment center in pakistan

best addiction treatment center in pakistan

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Willing Ways offers many indoor and outdoor treatments, including rehab services, counselling services, psychiatric services, and 24/7 psychiatric emergencies. Rehab services include treatment for chemical addiction (e.g., hashish addiction) and non-chemical addiction (e.g., gambling). Indeed, we are the best addiction treatment center in Pakistan and we provide world-class addiction care and education that meet the needs of the addict and their families. Our highly skilled and multidisciplinary team also offers counselling services for individuals, families, and couples. During counselling sessions, we target behavioural, emotional, and psychological issues. Coping and management skills are also taught to get the desired results. Besides rehab and counselling services, Willing Ways also provides psychiatric services which include medication prescriptions and counselling for both addiction and psychological disorders. There is also a Willing Ways helpline for 24/7 psychiatric emergencies to make access to services fast and easy.

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Best Addiction Treatment Center in Pakistan

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