Willing Ways Making Miracles

You have waited too long for a miracle, here its is!

Counseling Facility 

Offer great help for creating and maintaining space for behavioral, emotional and psychological issues along with skills to manage disease within clinical model based environment.

Medical Treatment

It includes medication for addiction and other psychological disorders, counseling by accredited experts, productive environment and prime facilities to make your recovery beneficial and comfortable.

Emergency Help

24/7 emergency helpline makes it easier for you to access. Willing ways (pvt) ltd can provide you the fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time.

Qualified Doctors

Highly qualified and certified medical doctors to examine the patients and encourage them to achieve their full potential in terms of physical and psychological health.

Our Services  

  • Consultation

    Willing Ways Pakistan provides consultation for a variety of different chemical/non-chemical addictions and psychological disorders. Assessment is available to determine the severity of the problem and decide the course of treatment. We not only deal...

    Counseling & Training Programs
    Counseling & Training Programs

    Apart from specialty in addiction treatment, we specialize in counseling for Stress Management, Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, Grief Recovery, Shame Healing, Marital Discord (Relationship Management), Parent Child Relationship, Career Counseling of Smart but Scattered Teenagers....

    Treatment of Psychological Problems
    Treatment of Psychological Problems

    Willing Ways provides services for the treatment of clinical disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety Disorders which include Phobias. Our team of professionals specialize in life changing strategies and psychotherapy. They focus...

    Addiction Treatment
    Addiction Treatment

    We serve as a Leader in the management and treatment of Alcoholism, Addiction, Gambling, and other behaviors in excess. The hallmark of this training is “Intervention” which is the art of helping someone who doesn’t...

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Five years ago, we admitted my brother Asad to Willing Ways for treatment of alcoholism.. But five years ago I would not have dreamt of writing this testimonial publically.. We were ignorant of the concept of alcoholism as a disease and were suffering heavily from the shame of it… Today although we are grieving the loss of my brother who...
Sufia Amir Khan
Dr Sadaqat Ali

Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Abdul Malik


Dr. Imtiaz Hasan

Medical Director

Dr. Col. Mansoor Ul Haq

Consultant Physician