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Willing Ways offers many indoor and outdoor treatments, including rehab services, counseling services, psychiatric services, and 24/7 psychiatric emergencies. Rehab services include treatment for chemical addiction (e.g., hashish addiction) and non-chemical addiction (e.g., gambling). 

Who We Are?

We provide world-class addiction care and education that meet the needs of the addict and their families. Our highly skilled and multidisciplinary team also offers counselling services for individuals, families, and couples. During counselling sessions, we target behavioural, emotional, and psychological issues. Coping and management skills are also taught to get the desired results.


Our Services



Drug addiction is not only confined to physical and/or psychological problems but poses the addict and the entire family with multiple problems. From the day the person enters treatment, along with the physical aspect of detoxification, the psychological aspect of acceptance of bitter reality is fixed within the patient.



Counseling is a joint effort between the client and counselor. A professional counselor help clients identify goals and potential solutions to a problem that causes emotional instability, helps getting better at communication as well as coping skills, build up self-esteem, and promote behavior change and best possible mental health.



We provide psychiatric services for a diverse range of psychological disorders and problems. The services that we provide focus on symptomatic relief which is then sustained through our comprehensive treatment methodology. Our process is not only based on providing medication for addiction and other psychological disorders.


24/7 Emergencies

Our team can provide urgent help to people who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency at home, by offering instant intervention services and resourceful support until stabilization. Our team will medicate a disruptive patient, take him in safe custody and hospitalize him until the crisis resolves. All of us experience crisis in our own way.

Our Core Treatments Programs


Core Counseling

In reference to the core issues (addiction or mental illness), the patient should cover a variety of educational material and training. The patients learn 12 steps concepts and go through emotional regulation sessions also. In the last month of their indoor treatment, their focus is put extensively on relapse prevention. In brief, the program for indoor patients includes training on the disease concept of what addiction or alcoholism is.

Supportive Counseling

Supportive counseling is yet another form of counseling technique that includes grief recovery and denial management

While maintaining recovery, it is important to learn the necessary skills to avoid relapse. Such supportive counseling programs include stress management and anger management.


Personal Developmental Counseling

Personal development counseling aims to improve quality of life with the help of some programs. One essential program is “Life Strategies” which let the individuals take control over life and simplify the riddles of life with the help of ten life laws.

Situational Counseling

Family intervention is also important with situational counseling that gives a modified response to a family’s definite situations.

Crisis intervention is basically a short-term help to individuals experiencing a problem that produces, mental, emotional, behavioral and physical problems or distress.


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Follow-up Counseling

Follow-up counseling represents a stage of treatment that comes after the successful completion of the indoor treatment phase within the rehabilitation facility. This form of counseling is basically a continuation of the emotional support and reinforcement that was made available to them during their time in the rehab.

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Dr.Sadaqat Ali appears on ATV, Hum TV, Geo TV, Neo tv, seminars, express news, and different tv appearance talks about Home Runaway, Alcoholism is a Disease, and discussing different issues. Dr. Sadaqat Ali answers queries of people about relationships, life matters.

Dr. Sadaqat Ali with 4 decades of hands-on expertise, enriches the lives of his viewers with his golden treatment programs for recovery of patients of addiction and psychological disturbances, Addiction Disease, Talk about Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression in Different ages of Peoples, Educational Counseling, Mood Management. Personal Development, Talk about Love Addiction, Love Affairs, Breakups, and their Solutions.

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