Losing weight and then gaining it back is a vicious cycle that leave millions of people around the world irritated, unsatisfied and hopeless. Are you on a diet right now? Than you are not alone on this journey. According to the World Health Organization;worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.

Corporate world is highly skilled at making you drink and eat more and more food which is not good for you. Every day we are bombarded with so many wrong messages from billboards, commercials on television and radio, Ads on social media networks and many alike. These sources misinform us by showing images of happy people who look attractive too but they enjoy fast food and caffeinated dehydrating drink. However in reality, such food lessens the self-control and decreases the brain function. The fact is that the widespread of obesity is powered by a culture of food pushers.

Researches have proved that when the waistline increases, brain size decreases. This means as you become overweight, stress on your physiology increases. This results in increasing the grey matter in between your ears adding to other serious medical problems like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer disease and certain type of cancers. Science has finally brought us to the fact that in order to lose weight, the body part you should be most concerned about is not the thighs, butt or belly rather it’s your BRAIN!This is because brain is defined as the control and command center. It helps you make bad and good decision about the behavior and food. The brain tells you how, when and what to eat; it helps in deciding what to buy at the grocery store or what to order in a restaurant; when and how regularly to exercise.

The problem with diets is that most of them are designed as “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is wrong. This is because of the fact that there are multiple type of over eaters like compulsive; impulsive; compulsive and impulsive; some eat to manage mood while some eat to overcome worries. So this brings us to the conclusion that a diet that works for one person does not mean that it works the same way for another. This is because different brain types drive different behaviors and have different tendencies. Finding out your brain type can help you increase your brain functioning, it helps you become more healthy, increases your energy and last but not the least it helps in losing weight.

We at Willing Ways, have special expertise on helping the client reach their ultimate goal of losing weight. Our goal is to help our clients follow the scientific ways for making this weight lose journey enjoyable and easy for them. We don’t believe at deprivation diets, neither we ask for spending intense couple of hours in a gym, we don’t ask you not to eat your favorite food but we teach you how to eat smart. Our weekly Facebook live show is also an effort towards controlling an obesity epidemic which is at a wide spread, very much effecting our part of the world the same way as the rest.

So if you are finding it difficult to lose weight and have tried multiple diets to achieve your goal and you might have started thinking that it is an impossible task than pick your phone and contact us at 03007413639 to book your appointment with us. We will guide you through a step by step process of how to reach your ultimate goal all in the light of science.

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