People with an issue of eating behavior, weight or food are usually divided into three categories: Normal eaters, emotional eaters, and food addicts. Normal eaters are the one who is able to diet. The intensity of their issue is primarily physical. Such people after consulting a doctor are advised to eat fewer calories while avoiding palatable food accompanied by an exercise. Achieving this target requires a change in attitude and behaviors that in actual cannot be achieved alone and thus professional help can assist achieve the target. Emotional eaters on the other end are the ones who not only have physical issues but also physiological issues. Such people at the first place need to identify their feelings from which they are being through and thus should communicate them assertively, they need to reframe how the society puts the concept of the word ‘Beauty’ and to deal with abuse issues, of course, accompanied with the change in eating behaviors. Therapeutic work with them for a couple of months helps them get rid of this vicious circle. Last but not least comes the food addicts who are in love with food at an alarming extent. It starts with a binge eating once in a while but eventually there is loss of control. Such people are dependent on food exactly the same way as the alcoholics or drug addicts.

The recovery of a food addict starts with staying abstinent from food over which they have no more control and thus this need to be done not once but over and over again. Although it sounds simple but in actual it’s quite difficult because of the fact that it demands to get out of the food addiction denial and being honest with thoughts and feelings. It is very important for such people to keep dealing with their deep down emotional and spiritual issues while abstaining from food.

When it comes to weight management some important steps need to be taken. A set of skills is what that needs to be learned to start from learning to say no and getting rid of mindless eating rather choosing to be mindful. When it comes to weight management, getting yourself educated about the calorie count and the portion size is of important nature, if adopted results favorably. Other than this mental mapping, which is a person’s perception about the area of interaction also needs to be worked on. Right mental mapping leads to favorable results even when the situations are critical. No part of science advices to skip meal rather the management asks for an intake of 6 meals appropriate to portion size and calories. The simple rule is one meal should be equal enough to maintain our energy levels for 4 hours. This rule is in accordance with the fact that eating before you get hungry and drink before you get thirsty. Using your skill power will power and space wisely can result drastically. Learning to manage your craving and how mini habits leads to be major habits are the skills if learned can result in favorably and achieve your targeted goal.