The following article takes its inspiration and basic foundations from the work of Jim Rohn. Considered as one of the titans in the field of business philosophy, personal training and lifestyle management training, his work encompasses the fundamentals and tested principles yielding very good results. The art of exceptional living is one of his most revered and followed programs where he teaches many life principles and in doing so he uses his own life experience, examples and how he learned the hard way by making mistakes and learning after paying the price that comes with bad decisions. This article is based on his philosophies, trainings and life experiences as shared in “the art of exceptional living

According to Jim Rohn an exceptional life starts with the refinement of personal philosophy, personal development, letting go of self imposed limitations, association with others and setting goals for you.

The greatest value is life is not what you get; rather, it is what you become. It is only what you become that gives you more value. So in order to become something we need to work on ourselves. We need to be thankful for what we already have and then we need to listen well and become a good student.

In order to be successful we need to learn disciple. Discipline is the bridge between thoughts and accomplishments. It is the magical key to unlock all the joys, wealth and accomplishment. It is the tool that brings every good thing to our lives.

Change your philosophy

Change is a good thing. If we keep on blaming the things around us like the sun, weather and the people around us it will change nothing. They all will remain the same and in order to create a difference we need to change our selves and change will come by changing our philosophy of life. This can be achieved by studying and learning more. All the famous leaders are good readers. They have learned from the history, from the life styles of inspirational people. You need to invest on yourself today to get a better future tomorrow. Spend 30 min each day on reading or listening to something good we find needed to change in ourselves. Example if we want to become rich read books on “how to become rich”.

Personal development

It is very easy to complain all the time then bringing change in one’s own self. So in order to create the change, change yourself first. In order to become rich you need to become more valuable. To add value you need to work on yourself. We get paid for value we bring in the market and not by the hour. The more value we bring in the more we will be paid for. We need to take care of our self. To be able to do better we need to work on our health. Treat your body as a temple. Take care of its inside and outside beauty. Appearance is all that counts to the outside world. You have to prepare yourself mentally, physically and verbally.  Keep yourself well equipped with different skills.  Start looking at challenges of life in a different way. Don’t wish for lesser problems, wish for more skills.

Letting go the limitations.

            Some of the limitations we have imposed on our selves include procrastination, blame and excuses. So we need to get over it as they can be the source of hindrance and developing discipline can overcome such limitations.

Five abilities of highly effective people

  1. The ability to absorb
  2. learn to respond
  3. can reflect
  4. They have the ability to act
  5. ability to share

Association with others and goal setting.

The major influencers in our lives are the people we choose in our lives. The power of influence need not be underestimated at all. We need to ask such questions from our selves like who am I around?? What they are doing to me??? Is it ok??? All these questions really matter.  In order to become what we wish to become we need to dissociate from the negative influencers. We need to have limited association with the wrong places and people and resort to expanded association with the right people. Now the question arises who are the right people?? These are serious people who work passionately, for whom time is money and they are positive influence. We can conclude that behavior is mostly influenced by ideas, ideas are influenced by education and education is influenced by the people with whom we associate. We need to set goals for ourselves.

If we have clear cut goals we will strive to achieve them. Goals give us direction so we need to set them prior to any thing.