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The Myth of Motivation

The Myth of Motivation

Stop searching for motivation and start taking massive action. True or false? In order to get anything done, do you have to feel motivated to do it first? FALSE. However, if you’re like most people out there, you answered true and are more likely to fall into the motivation trap! What is the motivation trap? The motivation[…]

The Neuroscience of Wanting and Pleasure

The Neuroscience of Wanting and Pleasure | neuroscience

Wanting and liking are the basis of motivation, our psychological oxygen. Humans must find the motivation to continue the journey of life. Motivation to go to work, to parent, to invest in costly long-term relationships, and motivation to wake up every morning and give life another shot. Some aspects of these life tasks must be rewarding for people[…]

10 Reasons Why Some of Us Are So Vulnerable to Depression

10 Reasons Why Some of Us Are So Vulnerable to Depression

Stuck in negative thoughts they can’t escape, many fall prey to sadness. People’s thoughts and attitudes explain why some develop depression following stressful life events. The following list provides an overview of various vulnerability factors that put a person at risk for developing depression. There are indications that these distorted beliefs precede the initial onset of depression. Thus, improving faulty thinking may[…]

The Dopamine Reward System: Friend or Foe?

The Dopamine Reward System Friend or Foe? | Willing Ways

Getting dopamine from your best connections not your worst vices. Dopamine is trending as the most popular neurotransmitter. And why not? There are days I think it rules the world or at least the day-to-day activities of my friends and family. The craving you have when you smell the coffee brewing in the morning—thank dopamine. That elation you feel[…]

Overcoming Chronic Resentment and the Abuse It Causes

Family Intervention Motivate an Individual Substance

Choose between resentment and healing; you can’t do both. Recovery from relationships that have suffered chronic resentment is long, complex and fraught with setbacks, whether the couple breaks up or tries to repair the damage done to the union. Unlike anger, which is stimulated by discreet incidents or thoughts, chronic resentment is a general ego defense[…]

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