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Can We Exercise Too Much?

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Compulsive exercise can result in exercise dependence. I have always called myself an extreme health nut. I thought it was a positive, a good thing… eating really really overly healthy and cutting out pretty much all fat and carbohydrates. … It’s quite weird, you’d go out for a run or a really long power walk and you[…]

How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise?

How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise? | Willing Ways

The Truth About Exercise Addiction. Many people become physically active to look and feel better and to get healthy. But physical activity may become addictive for a small number of people. So how many of us are at risk? Katherine Schreiber, co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration, is a New York City-based writer pursuing[…]

Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Sleepy

Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Sleepy? | Willing Ways

A creative study shows the cost of going to the market tired.Imagine you just pulled an all-nighter studying for an important exam, worked a double shift through the night, or were up all night with a child who has the flu. The next morning, you find yourself hungry and suddenly remember there’s only a lone[…]

What Is Healthy Distraction?

What is Healthy Distraction? | Willing Ways

How distraction can help prevent relapse. In Relapse Prevention 101, one of the techniques recovering addicts learn is a distraction. Many are already familiar with the unhealthy version of this skill. After all, people often develop addictions in an effort to distract themselves from the pain of daily life. If addiction is itself a distraction, how could[…]

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