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Think Positive? The Pressure to Be Happy

Think Positive? The Pressure to Be Happy | think positive

How much control do any of us have over our happiness? Smile! Turn that frown upside down. Chin up; everything will be okay. Keep calm and carry on. Think positive. Or as Bobby McFerrin sang years, ago, Don’t worry. Be happy. Such messages are everywhere. It seems as if the undergirding belief is: Just change your attitude and[…]

People, Places, and Things That Trigger Drug Use

People, Places, and Things That Trigger Drug Use

A subliminal reason why cravings come seemingly out of nowhere You remember Pavlov and his dog, right? That old classical conditioning story you learned in Psych 101 where the dog was conditioned to salivate not just in response to food, but to the simple ring of a bell. Just to refresh your memory, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov,[…]

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

How eating well can increase performance and happiness. The question of what can make a healthy commitment to something like a sport turn into an unhealthy obsession – and what can reverse this transition and turn obsession back into health and happiness – is addressed by an article I came across recently. Here the personal trainer Gillian Mounsey describes the time[…]

The Pursuit of Happiness–Or the Quest for Wealth

The Pursuit of Happiness Or the Quest for Wealth

The materialistic search for happiness is laden with paradox. Sadly, in our capitalistic culture today, the two aspirations denoted in the above title–to me, sharply contrasting–are frequently confused. They can be (and have been) viewed as virtually identical. And if in fact happiness is conceived in monetary terms, then the more money gained, the more material objects acquired, the[…]

Going to Extremes

Going to Extremes

New studies reveal that too much exercise can be detrimental to your health. The subject of beauty, especially as it radiates outward from the recesses of our minds, behavior, and life choices, is my passion. I’ve been known to take that passion to extremes on occasion: traveling from pillar to post speaking about my book, The[…]

5 Steps To Changing Any Behavior

Crisis Intervention Is the Efficacious Method | Willing Ways

Taking advantage of the way the mind works to yield change. 5 Steps To Changing Any Behavior: From quitting smoking to eating healthier to exercising regularly to getting more organized, most of us have a list of behaviors we’d like to begin (or end) that resist our attempts to do so. As a physician, I find myself[…]

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