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Addicted to Exercise

Addicted to Exercise | exercise

When working out shifts from a healthy habit to obsession Do you think it would be great to love exercising so much you couldn’t quit? Does the image of a svelte waistline, slender hips, and shapely legs bring a smile to your face? Think again. That image of beauty may be an unrealistic, media-provoked goal.[…]

How Exercise Can Help Keep You Drug-Free

How Exercise Can Help Keep You Drug-Free | exercise

Working out in recovery Eating, sleeping, and feeling healthy may seem like normal parts of life, but being able to function effectively on a day-to-day basis should not be taken for granted. Like so many other medical problems, addiction interferes with an individual’s normal physical functioning. Instead of eating properly or seeking intimate partnerships or healthy relationships, addiction overrides[…]

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Compulsive exercise can result in exercise dependence. I have always called myself an extreme health nut. I thought it was a positive, a good thing… eating really really overly healthy and cutting out pretty much all fat and carbohydrates. … It’s quite weird, you’d go out for a run or a really long power walk and you[…]

How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise?

How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise? | Willing Ways

The Truth About Exercise Addiction. Many people become physically active to look and feel better and to get healthy. But physical activity may become addictive for a small number of people. So how many of us are at risk? Katherine Schreiber, co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration, is a New York City-based writer pursuing[…]

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

How eating well can increase performance and happiness. The question of what can make a healthy commitment to something like a sport turn into an unhealthy obsession – and what can reverse this transition and turn obsession back into health and happiness – is addressed by an article I came across recently. Here the personal trainer Gillian Mounsey describes the time[…]

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