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Are You an Achievement-Addicted Person?

Are You an Achievement-Addicted Person?

What is achievement addiction? How do you know if you have it? One of the most powerful motives that humans can possess is the drive to achieve.  Typically, we consider high achievement to be positive.  We encourage ourselves, and our children, to be high achievers.  But can we become too achievement-oriented, and cross over into[…]

The Dopamine Reward System: Friend or Foe?

The Dopamine Reward System Friend or Foe? | Willing Ways

Getting dopamine from your best connections not your worst vices. Dopamine is trending as the most popular neurotransmitter. And why not? There are days I think it rules the world or at least the day-to-day activities of my friends and family. The craving you have when you smell the coffee brewing in the morning—thank dopamine. That elation you feel[…]

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