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Being “Sober” Versus Being in “Recovery”

Difference Between Being “Sober” Versus Being in “Recovery”

What’s the difference between being “sober” versus being in “recovery”? There is an important distinction between being “sober” and being in “recovery”. The differences are clear to those who have experienced both phases in their healing process from alcoholism. When an alcoholic is “sober” from alcohol without attending a mutual-help program, therapy, medication management, and/or treatment then they are in a[…]

Children of Addiction

Children of Addiction

Thirty years ago I began working with children impacted by addiction in their families. Addiction in the family is a legacy that continues to thrive, although today we have a much better understanding of how children are influenced when raised with the chaos and fear that permeate an addictive family. Recently I was confronted with issues of children on two fronts.[…]

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