Smart But Scattered

Sometimes it happens that our physical energies and enthusiasm for achievement is at its peak but our mind is unripe; which is the root cause of chaos while trying to achieve a goal. One may be very bright, creative and smart and perhaps be an achiever in the accomplishment of some tasks but he/she does not perform equally in all cases. We are striving hard to meet other’s expectations. We definitely keep trying to do what others expect from us and what we desire to do in a mature way and with a sense of complete responsibility. But our struggle fails because of the lack of what we know asExecutive Skills.

Executive skills are those brain-based skills that help us regulate our behaviors, level our desires and demands, selection of goals and solve problems. These skills are present since the time of birth as a potential but reach their prime in adulthood. Everybody has a list of executive skill strengths as well as executive skill weaknesses.

In willing ways, our objective is to identify through assessment the executive skill weaknesses and to treat or address those weaknesses through the implementation of intervention or techniques.  Our program will help in both the dimensions of the executive skills i.e. cognition based and behavior based, to get excellence with appropriacy.

Our program is based on Smart but Scattered Teens by Peg Dawson.