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Counseling is a joint effort between the client and counselor. A professional counselor help clients identify goals and potential solutions to a problem which cause emotional instability, helps getting better at communication as well as coping skills, build up self-esteem, and promote behavior change and best possible mental health. Ideally, counseling is terminated when the problem that you seek counseling for becomes more manageable or is settled.

Counseling can help to normalize your experience and place it in context, bring objectivity, critical distance, and experience of dealing with problems of all kinds. Professionals at Willing ways are committed to the alleviation of emotional suffering through improved self awareness and more informed choices about one’s true self.

At Willing Ways Pakistan, we aim to provide a mean for people to easily access information and solutions on wide variety of issues and disorders. The Counseling Services by Willing Ways are  here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, to develop emotional toughness and put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfill your  social and personal potential. We offer complete confidential support, but it is not an emergency service.

We aim to provide this through a series of therapeutic approaches. The varieties of approaches are tailored to each client’s unique and specific needs. We work holistically with a client’s mind, body, and spirit towards a healthier future for everyone. Willing Ways provides a range of various, diverse counseling services. We cover a wide variety of problems which range from emotional to chemical. We counsel our clients with extreme disorders, as well as clients with everyday dilemmas.

The experience of counseling will begin with a single session in which you and your counselor work together to make sense of your experience, to conceptualize your problems in new ways, and to think together about how you might move forward, but the aim will be to always keep counseling as efficient and focused as possible.

Group sessions can be an effective form of help for a range of problems. Groups can provide an opportunity to explore how you relate to others, to see yourself through their eyes, and to benefit from their experiences and support while offering them your own.

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DateJune 20, 2017