Self-esteem is the positive and negative assessment of the self and in what ways a person feels about it. It affects a person’s overall well-being and his/her own values or worth. Self-esteem is contrived of social psychology in which researchers emphasized that it influence the particular consequences or results like, any kind of achievement academically or professionally. Self-esteem is like people have beliefs about themselves that will be positive or negative. People have faced and experience a different type of difficulties in their life and they deal them with highly negative consequences which can be short term or long term.

Your views and beliefs about yourself will be positive if you have high self-esteem. Other hands your views and beliefs about yourself will be negative if you have low self-esteem. Self-esteem is related to respect and admiration. You will not believe in your capability to be successful due to low confidence. You may have started believing in other negative views rather than believe in yourself. You have to know your limits and where your confidence lack, you lost to put your efforts into achieving something. If you have high self-esteem you will be ready to validate and accept the criticism from others and not feel angry or anxious. You have to develop self-awareness to know about your strengths and weaknesses. You have to boost your confidence level and start believing in yourself to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and be successful. You have to understand and take responsibility for your own confidence level and increase self-esteem rather than think negatively and blame others. There is a need for high energy to change your negative thoughts and false beliefs into positive thoughts and productive beliefs to enhance your self-esteem.

There are two concepts: Self-efficacy that you have the ability to think, learn and take a good decision. Self-respect that you have the right to be happy and confident in yourself to achieve your goals and be successful. Self-esteem is a basic human element and it is necessary for positive, normal and healthy growth. Affirmative self-esteem is producing the strength, confrontation and ability of reconstruction. Low self-esteem decreases the tendency of the resiliency of facing suffering in life.

People who have genuine confidence in their self-worth and they have a feeling of security inside them. The traits of people having high self-esteem are:

  • They have developed the tendency to be more determined and become intellectually, emotionally, romantically and spiritually strong. They have developed the drive to open the self and experiencing richness inside.
  • They have developed the ability to be goal-oriented. They set a goal and achieve with a high sense of confidence.
  • They have developed good communication tactics, honest and open with others.
  • They have developed the tendency to be loving relationships.
  • They have high self-worth, self-confidence and develops the tendency of being more attractiveness.

The traits of people having low self-esteem are:

  • They have the fear of change, no inspiration and less achieve. They have a low confidence level and feeling low.
  • They have poor communication because they are not clear about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  • They have the tendency of insecurity in their relationships and other matters.

There are six key factors of self-esteem are:

  • You have the awareness about what you want to do and what you have to do. You must have the understanding about your inside, interests, and goals.
  • You have to give respect to yourself and develops a self-accepting tendency.
  • You have to take responsibility and recognized that you are the creator and writer of your own behaviors and choices. You have to recognize your needs, wishes and explore them.
  • You have to recognize your goals and find out the right ways to achieve them.
  • You have to be loyal to yourself and keep your behaviors on track.
Positive healthy self-esteem is also the key to achieve a happy relationship with someone, both for you and other people. It is important to learn that to first love yourself and having a relationship. If you have less confidence then it is difficult to be successful in a relationship or any other kind of matter in life.