Out Door Facility

We provide an out-door treatment facility as well. This counseling can help out people suffering from persistent mental illnesses, including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, and Clinical depression, and Panic and Anxiety Disorders. The out-door counseling services specialties include parental training, teenagers issues, emotional problems, anger and stress management, co-dependency, effective communication skills, marital discords, relationship problems, personal development, weight management, career guidance and many more alike. Individuals are trained to cope with psychological problems so they can get through them, and feel better.

The facility provides personal development and growth experiences that can help our client to make fundamental changes in their habits and lifestyles. The out-door treatment process is to help our clients to make true internal and external changes through knowledge in order to function well. The goal of this counseling program is to provide people with opportunities and skills to deal with difficult situations so that they can draw upon these experiences in real life settings.