Willing Ways, Pakistan is the leading organization for Addiction Management, Treatment, Education and Counseling in Pakistan. Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Project Director of Willing Ways, laid its foundation 35 years ago. It is the country’s largest center, dedicated exclusively to addiction prevention, treatment, education and professional training. Willing Ways, Pakistan has over four hundred employees, including a team of sixty professionals which comprises of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Medical specialists and Addiction Counselors involved in research and education, and who collaborate with each other within the Institute to ensure addicts receive the best possible care. Our professionals not only treat the addiction but also work on enhancing the lifestyle of their clients.

Willing Ways, Pakistan is a one-of-a-kind institution on the front lines of the world epidemic of addiction. It is exciting to witness the evolution of addiction care at the Institute. This chronic illness, unfortunately, can also lead to the development of many secondary conditions. Our treatment addresses this concern; advancing into innovative treatments to enhance the lives of our patients and their families, and consequently, making a significant impact on a major public health concern. What matters most to Willing Ways is the number of addicts’ lives we transform every day. It is essentially a humanistic enterprise, i.e. client-centered and research-driven simultaneously. These daily advances toward excellence are making Willing Ways, Pakistan a world-class organization.

Dr. Sadaqat Ali, our Project Director, is an internationally recognized professional in the field of Addiction Psychology. Other esteemed addiction professionals are, Taha Sadaqat, Abdur Rehman Sadaqat, Nadeem Noor, Wakeel Murad, Ali Hassan Rizvi and Ali Murtaza. They specialize in life changing strategies and addiction related counseling. They focus on optimizing patient-centered care and the appropriate psychological therapy where necessary.

Today, Willing Ways, Pakistan continues to provide world-class addiction care and education that meets the needs of addicts and their families. We publish educational materials on every aspect of addiction care in Urdu and English. We continue to shape the community and help people live well with addictions. This Institute operates on the belief that the key to success in addiction treatment is making the addict emotionally strong with disease education and life style change. We are leading the battle to conquer the disease in all of its forms through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches. Our mission is to prevent, treat and manage addiction for a world free of this illness and its complications.

There is a 24-hour helpline to give situational solutions. When addiction hits home you need to talk to somebody who is knowledgeable and empathetic. Education and counseling have made it easy for our clients; managing addiction is no more a problem. Therefore, we are always there to direct our clientele towards a joyous present and an even better future, simply because we are MAKING MIRACLES!

The facilities of Willing Ways, Pakistan are located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Willing Ways, Lahore is located on the South of Lahore Race Course Park and is committed to providing the highest level of care at a central location. Our facility includes consultation, addiction education, counseling and group therapy. We have both an indoor and outdoor treatment facility.

Willing Ways, Karachi is located at 4-C, 21st commercial street, a busy and renowned posh area of Karachi.

Willing Ways, Islamabad is located in G/6-1, Saddar Road, Islamabad.