Dr Huma Aslam

Dr. Huma Aslam graduated in medicine and surgery (MBBS) from the prestigious Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan and worked in Jinnah Hospital, Lahore as house officer to complete mandatory requirements. Later, she has done post graduation (MCPS) in psychiatry from Sir Gangaram Hospital /Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore.

Her clinical work since her graduation is mainly in the field of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. Her ultimate goal is to uplift mental health facilities to next level providing relief to grieving patients with debilitating psychiatric issues using all the possible recent advancements. Her effective communication skills and higher ethical standards made her notable. She is an effective team player and maintains good relationships with her peers and seniors.

Dr Huma wants to help the patients in whatever way it could be done. Whether it is diagnostics, medical treatment or counselling and rehabilitation, she is everywhere, doing everything she could do. She takes great pride in helping people in need and is willing to go at lengths to alleviate their sufferings. She is compassionate, believes in action and aims high. Her most powerful trait though is her ability to put the patients at ease. Her sincere care reduces their stress and assures them that they are in good hands.

Dr. Huma is extremely people-oriented. Working in groups and teams comes naturally to her. With a soft, pleasant personality and high aims and solid determination, she has all the qualities of a good leader. On a personal level, she feels passionately about causes, social issues and anything that has the potential to bring change for better. She staunchly believes in her ideas and works relentlessly to bring them to ground.