Madiha Azam

Madiha Azam is Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways Karachi. She has completed M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP), Bahria University Karachi Campus. She is ambitious and motivated to work effectively in order to serve other who are in need of clinical attention. She also conducted workshops and training’s to help individuals cope with everyday stress, anxiety, and time management issues.

She uses integrative psychotherapy in her work, which takes into account the inherent values of each individual with the aim of facilitating wholeness and maximizing the individual’s functioning in various areas of life. She provide counseling and therapy in several areas, some of which include: depression, bipolar, schizophrenia. Her complex problem-solving skills help determine the best course of action for client care.

She believes the key to success in therapy is empowering her clients. Her practice is governed mostly by a strengths based perspective with an insight oriented. She strongly believes that mindfulness plays a key role in anxiety reduction and a sense of general well-being and frequently uses mindfulness as an intervention in her practice.