Healing the shame that binds you

Shame and guilt are the two most powerful emotions to influence human behavior. Since the human era has developed the notation to understand and label its own feelings, these two emotions laid the foundation of every other gesture that people follow in continuation. Shame has its two sides. One is a healthy shame which is the more positive inner state activated as something went wrong in accordance with the established system. 

On the other hand, Experts say toxic shame is the reason for many complex and disturbing inner states such as depression, alienation, self- doubt, and isolating loneliness. As children, we carry this burden with us. Shame eats away at our happiness our wholesomeness and peace of mind. It’s very tricky how it develops and interacts with the human psyche. NOW you can heal your shame through tried and true methods by experts.

Let go of your childhood shame and reclaim the joy in your life!!