Group Therapy

In any mental health facility, the treatment has two major styles of treating the patient therapeutically: individual psychotherapy and group therapy. Group therapy is a diversified therapeutic set up in which the patients talk about their illness, symptoms, their intensity, and the treatment protocols. This setting also facilitates the sharing on the part of the patient regarding the fears, anxieties, regrets, resentments, unresolved conflicts, relationship problems, future planning, and apprehensions.

The patients are given therapeutic support to talk about their core beliefs and perceptions, which can serve as a barrier to mental health treatment and recovery. Patients do get the opportunity to discuss the personality styles and the changes required. During this therapy, the patients to support each other in the recovery process, which is very much effective for themselves. By doing so, the patient feels liberated, fulfilled and relieved.

The psychological and emotional wounds are therapeutically healed. To keep the group members on board and on the track of the topic, the counselor plays the role of the mediator and takes the therapeutic stances, where ever it is needed.