Science has provided mankind with the ground-breaking and technological mechanisms the gadgets which are a part of everyone’s life these days. From cell phones to hi-tech televisions, from multimedia gaming sets to music players everything is a gadget and had carried the world just inside one’s pocket. Innovation in technology and communication has produced numerous gadgets. Every other second a new gadget is being launched in the consumer bazaar.   People have now reached a point where they cannot live without these fancy gadgets. This eventually results in gadget addiction. This addiction has become a grave issue in the world, especially among the adolescence.

Gadget addiction can be defined as to take pleasure in a particular activity very much such as laptops, Play Station and I pod and spending a lot of time doing it.   Today, it is tricky to visualize a contemporary teenager without a mobile phone or any other gadgets. The perturbing research found that 97 percent of teenagers from 11 to 16-year-olds possess a mobile phone. Gadget addiction is reason by the wish to get more freedom and the desirability of the gadget applications. Consequently, this addiction may cause detrimental lifestyle among teenagers and influence their academic performance.

The cell phones particularly the smart-phones have played a ground-breaking role in the life of people particularly teenage. The phone has become a necessity these days, on the other hand, it has the whole thing at just a few keys away. Networking, email, movies, games, music, internet and even calling, everything is just a matter of a few clicks. Every other child is a gadget addict. The teenagers these days are smarter than their parents, they do not involve in social gatherings but social networking, they do not go outside in parks to play but have the play stations and video games, they do not have human friends but gadgets and most amusingly they do not have hobbies or habits but, addiction.

You may find this amusing and laugh about it. Though, it’s true. Psychologists divulge individuals that spend late hours with gadgets every day are unable to differentiate between emotion in the computer world and emotion in reality. Researches and surveys taken in different countries disclose more than 70% of people carry their desired devices along on vacations. This establishes that bulk of the people around the world cannot live without their favorite gadgets. If you feel fidgety without your favorite appliance, it’s a symbol you are addicted. People at every phase of their lives are now too much exposed to technological devices. iPads are shamelessly used to look after or soothe disorderly children from as young as 4 years old. It’s easy-to-use and appealing, entertaining while very engaging applications draw the attention of these little users, who respond with the need for a regular feed of entertainment all the time. Try taking these gadgets away from the kid and you’ll know what I’m trying to say here. These gadgets are now classified as a toy for this reason.

Now, if we see this situation to a decade from now. You see adults sitting around a table in a Wi-Fi-enabled café. Odds are they are not going to be communicating with each other, maybe through virtual world though. Due to a lack of communication at home, fights and problems will occur a lot more often between husband and wife, and it’s not gonna get any healthier when this generation has kids of their own.

Regardless of the depressing outlook painted in this article, I’m certain that the technology that keeps us linked to the Internet has done much better for our lives. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that who is in control and then act like it. When your gadgets are consuming too much of your life, you should know it’s high time to switch it off and take pleasure in life unplugged.