Four Disciplines of Execution

Often we get so busy with our urgent and important tasks that we lose our sight for the wildly important goal and ultimately it fades away. Four disciplines of execution are actually new accepted wisdom that if adopted results magnificently, specifically in today’s competitive environment. The four disciplines of execution include the discipline of focus, the discipline of leverage, the discipline of engagement and discipline of accountability.

Until or unless you don’t focus on what you want, out of the ordinary results cannot be achieved. Four disciplines of execution provide you with a skill to help focus and assist in removing resistances. With unlimited resources and unlimited time, anything can be achieved, but the real challenge is when either the resource or the time is limited. The discipline of leverage helps in finding the exact leverage gap which further helps in generating extraordinary results. In achieving goals, the most important element is passion and engagement, if blended together results in passion-driven commitment and helps reach the mark enthusiastically. Lastly and most important is the crucial accountability of your own self through your actions. This practically looks to be the toughest discipline and actually the point where the actual fixture starts up. Not underestimating the first three disciplines, point to be considered here is that until or unless each discipline is not done well, next discipline cannot be worked out.

Four Disciplines of Execution helps with change and even under the high winds of urgent and important tasks, the wildly important goal stands out to be the most important.