Dr Shahr Yar

Dr Shahr Yar |

About Him

This is Dr Shahr Yar, he is a graduate of King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has completed his MBBS degree in 2019 from KEMU.
He has completed his internship in Medicine, Surgery, ENT and Oncology from one of the oldest and largest public sector hospitals of Pakistan, Mayo Hospital Lahore.
He has been working in Willing Ways, Pakistan for past 8 months as a Medical Officer. During his stay has gained expertise in medical management of withdrawals and addiction as well psychological management and counselling of patients during their stay in this institution.
He has been active advocate of mental health since his student life by being part of many societies which promoted mental health in students.
On extracurricular side, He loves cricket, badminton and table tennis. He is also a passion for food and thus he runs a blog on Instagram under the banner of “FoodieYar”.