Dr. Kaleem Arshad

Dr. kaleem arshad

About Him

Dr. Kaleem Arshad is graduated from the King Edward Medical University, Lahore. He acquired his foundation year training from the oldest and prestigious hospitals that include Mayo Hospital Lahore and Lady Wallington Hospital Lahore. During his educational journey, he has worked closely with various societies aimed to deliver counselling and support to students by organizing seminars, conferences, and study circles. He has worked in Kulsoom Hospital, Sargodha as Resident Medical Officer and as Clinical Lecturer in CMH Medical and Dental College, Lahore. He currently works at Sadaqat Clinic, Murree as Resident Medical Officer and actively involved in the assessment, diagnosis, therapy, and counseling to the indoor and outdoor patients with substance use disorder and various psychiatric illnesses. As a doctor, his motto is “Doing now what patients need”. He spends most of his time with his patients, to help them get out of the pain of disease. However, he never forgets to improve himself with professional medical knowledge. As far as his hobbies are concerned, he likes to read and listen things especially related to the fields of Psychology, Education, and Islam.