Psychologist Islamabad


About Him

Abdullah Zain is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways Islamabad. He has done Masters in Clinical Psychology from Virtual University of Pakistan. Abdullah Zain is an experienced addiction counselor, providing treatment and support for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, in both individual and group therapy sessions. He has extensive active listening and communication skills, giving full attention to the patients and taking the time to understand their point of view. His extensive knowledge, critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills help determine the best course of action for patient care. His excellent knowledge of psychological intervention, and therapeutically counseling techniques provide patients with appropriate care for their individual situations. Proficient at helping patients to address serious issues in their lives that have negatively impacted their personal and work relationships. Bringing forth knowledge of coping mechanisms and relapse treatment. Committed to creating effective treatment plans for patients and working with the families of patients to create the best care program for their loved ones. He is cultivating clients diagnosed with addictive disease disorder by increasing their skills, exploring and recognizing their talents, build self esteem leading to interpersonal growth and confidence during the residential program by providing drug abuse education/treatment. He is a committed, regular and hardworking Professional.