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what is emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Domains

According to him, emotional intelligence is more important for personal success than IQ, and secondly unlike IQ emotional intelligence can be improved. He discusses five domains for emotional intelligence that are;

Knowing your emotions

Managing your own emotions

Motivating yourself

Recognizing and accepting other people’s emotions

Managing the emotions of others.

quadrants of domains

1. When we Identify and understand our emotions and responses and it is called self-awareness.

3. We tie our emotions to inspire and motivate ourselves to take proper actions, commit, follow through, and positively work towards the achievements of our goals. It is called motivation.

5. When we build relationships, communicate to others in a social gathering, lead discuss the conflict, and always work as a part of a team. This is called social skills.

2. we manage to control and implement our emotions, attitude, feedbacks, and responses it is called self-management.

4. When we recognize the feelings of others know their emotions and make use of that understanding to relate to others more effectively, this is called empathy.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps to develop the ability to take care of our bodies and manage our stress that has a huge impact on our overall well-being. It also helps to manage stress and maintain good health.

The impacts of Emotional intelligence have huge on our attitude and outlook on life. It also helps to lessen anxiety and avoid depression and a high level of emotional intelligence link with a positive attitude and a happy outlook on it.

Emotional intelligence helps us a better understanding and managing our emotions and it helps to understand the needs and feelings of others for better and stronger relationships.

Inner motivation can also be accomplished with advanced emotional intelligence and it increases self-confidence and increase focus on our goal to achieve success.

Emotional intelligence also helps us to resolve conflicts effectively because by developing emotional intelligence we are in a better position to understand the needs and desires of others. It is easier to give what they won’t if we can perceive effectively.