Dr. Sadaqat Ali on Dunya News

Duniya News: Dr.Sadaqat Ali appears on duniya news talks about duniya news epression, duniya News addiction, duniya news pressure handling and for discussing different issues.

Dr Sadaqat Ali speaks about Drugs & Charas Signs/Symptoms.

Dr Sadaqat Ali talks about "Why teenagers start Drugs"

Dr Sadaqat Ali talks about Bipolar Disorder Sign/Symptoms

Asma Qureshi A Psychologist at Willing Ways) talking about Dua in Talaash

Dr Sadaqat Ali talks about Child Abuse and its factors

Dr Sadaqat Ali Speaks about career management in ilm ke dunya

Dr Sadaqat Ali Share its views regarding Fake saints and its influence on weak faithed.

Dr Sadaqat Ali tells about the Pressure Handling in Critical Situations.

Dr Sadaqat Ali says about the Stress management in Difficult situation.

Dr Sadaqat Ali talks about "Why People Don't Say Thank You"