People find it difficult to say and find out if someone they love or value is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction since that person is almost always ready to go to great lengths to hide the problem. But there are evident and telltale signs that show something in this regard is terribly wrong. Below is a brief list of typical warning signs.

Like other chronic illnesses; Addiction is a chronic illness. It shares a lot with illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Likewise, it can also be managed with very good excellence. As in these illnesses, it sometimes happens relapse emerges and the patient begins using drugs again. This also happens when addiction is not managed by a structured, result-oriented, and proven-to-work program. Such problems lead to deterioration in the morale of the loved ones of the patient as well as reinforcing a popular belief that addicts and addiction cannot be treated. By all means, it does not indicate a failure on part of the treatment—it rather indicates that treatment is to be reinstated and adjusted so as to address the needs of the patient and the illness.