Disease Concept

An addictive disease or psychotic problem has four characteristics. It’s chronic, progressive, primary and potentially fatal in nature. By chronic mean that it’s long lasting. A disease that worsens up over the span of time is referred to as progressive. Being Primary indicates that the source does not depend on some other circumstance and potentially fatal refers to that addiction kills.  

The disease is seen at different stages of being early, middle and late. The extent at which the damage occurs is threatening and if both the medical and non-medical consequences are added up the result comes out to be a paramount destroyer among diseases. However, treatment can only help seize the succession of the disease and the bottom line reality is that the disease persists in its latent state even if the addict stops taking drugs and alcohol. Thus the treatment encircles around abstinence and association with a recovery program.

The good news is that despite being a complex disease and occurring in a variety of forms it’s still treatable with simple management. There are three areas that need to be taken into consideration : the First one is to learn some new information and make changes in your living style, second is to follow certain important directions even if they do not seem convenient and lastly when the disease is at decline, one should not lose their way from a treatment regimen. Following these lines will result in a virtual guarantee of survival and the opportunity to live a normal life.