By cravings what we mean is that it is a strong desire when unfulfilled and as a result, we suffer physically and mentally. Every individual experience this suffering at some point in life but when it becomes too frequent it can cause misery. Reasons for cravings should be understood. It’s not just like any other ordinary thought which can be replaced easily.
To manage cravings it’s three major reasons should be understood. First, we need to understand that cravings are correlated with relapse. People who experience frequent cravings will return to craved substance or behavior more often. Second thing is that cravings are distressing and uncomfortable. And the final thing is that cravings can be affected, improved and relieved. Cravings are personal and you should know them. For a better understanding of cravings, you should know their dimensions. You alone are experiencing them so they matter, they influence your behavior and in turn, you can influence them through your actions. Your cravings are not your destiny and you can definitely get rid of them using your internal resources.
There is always a time limit with all the cravings. Some last for minutes and others for a few hours. The peak is usually after a few minutes and then they die down. When you learn how to cope with them, these urges become less frequent and less intense.
People who are in recovery fight a daily battle with their urges and cravings. The usual way to cope with daily stress for an addict would be to run the drug and consume it immediately. So in recovery also they feel the same urge. Because their diseased mind is still influencing them. And this is to be kept in mind that cravings are not caused by the bad times only, in good times also the person may feel the urge to consume the drug because in past times they had this habit to celebrate the good times with substance abuse.
Your beliefs affect your desires. And your actions also affect what you want. When the object that you desire and are craving for is not in your reach your craving decreases. Very simple actions can have a great impact on cravings management and can decrease them to a great degree. When you start working on your cravings you try to remove access to the object of craving. Your actions depend on your beliefs so what you believe about your cravings can predict if you will act on them or not. Giving yourself a positive message with regard to craving management and being clear about your cravings and urges help a lot. You tell your self that this craving is not going to last forever and within a matter of minutes you can manage them well.