It has been reported that using cocaine and alcohol as a combination increases the death rate by 20 percent. Mixing cocaine and alcohol together increases the rate of issues including cognitive impairment, increased heart rate, breathing problems, high blood pressure, loss of motor function and coordination. The deadliest side effect of combining these two mood-altering drugs is when the two are metabolized through the liver, the organ produces cocaethylene, which puts stress and damages the cardiovascular system and the liver itself. It also produced a severe state of drug-induced psychosis and paranoia. Psychosis is a state of mind when a person is not able to differentiate between what is real and what is not. It also includes symptoms of hallucinations and delusions. Paranoia is a state where a person believes that everyone is out there to harm him and people are always conspiring against him. Addicts facing such severe issues need professional help. Most of the families are revolving around the willpower trap, believing that the addict can leave the drugs on their own. They try to control the addict by giving them hard times like grounding them, locking them, being aggressive towards them. People also believe that treatment is not required until the addict hits the rock bottom, so, they try to solve the issue by using wrong behaviors which ends up impacting the family’s life and their mental health as well. The first step anyone linked with an addict needs to take is, to educate themselves about the problem of their loved one. They need to learn about the impacts and side effects caused by the addict’s choice of drug. They can learn through various sources including books, the internet, videos, or even talking to recovering addicts or recovering families. Instead of consuming their energy 24/7 by thinking about the addict, which results in nothing but making the family codependent on the addict and inducing stress and anxiety in the family members. They should try to think constructively and spend their time finding solutions to their issue and gaining knowledge about the problem.