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How to handle average performers?

How to handle average performers?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I head a boutique. I am struggling with two low performers and their irresponsibility for months. We upgraded our software systems several years ago, and they still do not understand how the software works. Their best performance on average lies in medium range, but there is not enough cause to terminate[…]

My husband does not talk, what do I do?

Why Romance Turns Toxic

Dear Dr Sadaqat Ali,  I try to talk things out with my husband to reach some consensus, but he keeps backing off. Sometimes he says, ‘I don’t feel like talking about it right now, but ‘later’ never comes.’ At other times, it’s a simple ‘”I don’t know, do whatever you want.” Or “You always have[…]

How to Break the Spell of Silence?

Step by step instructions to Tell That It’s Time to Stop

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I have a twenty-one years old son. He has drifted in and out of college classes and lacks direction and ambition. He spends most of his time hanging out with friends. We are two completely different personalities, I am very organized, serious, and high-strung. He is very laid-back, social, and unconcerned[…]

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