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Addiction Treatment Pakistan

Addiction Treatment Pakistan: Three Minute Refutations (TMR) involve a powerful exercise for changing your addictive thinking. While the Three Minute Exercise helps you dispute your demands–your “musts” and “shoulds”–Three Minute Refutations targets your rationalizations or excuses, which arise from your demands. For example, if you have bills to pay and find it uncomfortable to do[…]

Drugs Addiction Rehab

Mental Health Care Specialists Best Psychologists & Counselors

Drugs addiction rehab is not a new phenomenon. Drug addiction is one of the most prevalent diseases found in our society today. Addiction can be further divided into two types that are chemical and non-chemical addiction. This article focuses on risk factors that lead to chemical addiction or drug addiction. Chemical addiction is when an[…]

Addiction Recovery

10 ways to heal from childhood Trauma

Addiction Recovery Addiction Recovery: By now, the research is clear: Addiction is a chronic brain disease, not a matter of willpower. This means that, contrary to old stereotypes, people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol are not weak, immoral, or tragically flawed. So if addiction is a chronic brain disease and not a matter[…]

Drug rehabilitation

The Common Denominator of All Addictions

Drug Rehabilitation: According to the United Nations at present, 8 million people in Pakistan are suffering from drug addiction, and every year an increase of 40,000 people. Addiction cases are found in our best universities, colleges, and schools in Pakistan. If you ever go to a campus, you will see a clear situation that many people are using cigarettes and cannabis and there are many students who are not doing it right now when[…]

Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

Are You Ready To Practice Mindful Eating?

“Dealing with addicts taking a lethal combination of Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction” Mixing drugs have never been a good idea. People mostly mix the drugs that are opposite in nature to overcome the effects produced by one drug. Most people take a combination of cocaine and alcohol as cocaine is a stimulant drug that causes euphoria and increases[…]

Teen Addiction Rehab

Narcissus and Echo | The Myth and Tragedy of Relationships with Narcissists

Teen Addiction Rehab. Happiness is the thing which we all want it. If you were born in America you learned early that happiness is not only your right but a national obsession as well. Indeed, not only do we individually spend huge amounts of time, energy, and money becoming and staying happy, corporations spend equal[…]

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