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Uzma Sadaqat

     Uzma Sadaqat Director Counseling Programs Uzma Sadaqat has obtained her Masters degree in Psychology from Murray College, Sialkot. ...

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Talal Zubair

            Talal Zubair Mr. Talal Zubair joined Willing Ways Pakistan in 2005. He is working as ...

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Wakeel Murad

Wakeel Murad Wakeel Murad has been working in the field of Drug Addictions for almost 20 years as a Certified Drug ...

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Saad Shaheed

Saad Shaheed Saad Shaheed is serving as the Director of Willing Ways Lahore since July, 2015. He has been associated ...

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Dr. Sadaqat Ali

Dr.Sadaqat Ali Dr. Sadaqat Ali is a renowned Addiction specialist. He pioneered the specialty of addiction psychiatry in Pakistan and ...

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Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz

        Mohsin Nawaz Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz, Director, Sales and PR at Willing Ways, is a true inspiration ...

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Abdur Rehman Sadaqat

Abdur Rehman Mr. Abdur Rehman Sadaqat is Executive Director & Psychologist at Willing Ways Pakistan. He graduated in Applied Psychology ...

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Taha Sadaqat

Taha Sadaqat Taha Sadaqat graduated from Government College University, Lahore in 2007 after successfully completing a Bachelor of Arts degree ...

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