Nadeem Noor
Shahzad Rehmat

Shahzad Rehmat is working as ‘Assistant to Director’ at Sadaqat clinic Lahore as well as he performs the responsibilities of a ‘Shifts Manager’ where his job task includes managing the shifts and dealing with shift issues. Shahzad also conducts group counseling sessions on Disease concept and 12 steps program, and is skilled at building positive rapport with the patient. This does not end here; he is also an expert at crisis intervention and has conducted multiple interventions over the span of 17 years.

Shahzad Rehmat joined Sadaqat Clinic back in 1998 after doing his bachelor’s in business studies from University of the Punjab and since than he is serving the organization with full zeal and optimism. He is highly skilled at handling patients with proper care and supervision while respecting the values, beliefs and rights of the patient. He has a strong hold over building trusting relationship with patients, families and the staff, and plays a very vital role in personal development of patients.

Shahzad firmly believes that perfectionism is an illusion and the only reality is continuous improvement and self- renewal.