With a team of sixty professionals involved in research and education, collaborating with each other to ensure addicts receive the best possible care. Willing Ways is a state of the art facility offering a multitude of In Patient and Outdoor patient services. Our services are personalised and work best for each individual clients and patients. We coach people and teach them to learn and implement changes in their lives and the lives of their non compliant patient through counseling and training. A single client gets individual and group counseling from multiple counselors who are specialists in their own domains. Full Text About Our Services...

Willing Ways Counseling Session

CPWB Counseling Session

This video is about ran-away childrens who come to Willing Ways for a life changing journey. In this video psychologist and counsoler's are discussing various strategies and techniques with children to make their r life more successful.

I Keep Losing and Gaining weight; What should I do?

Mr.Sohail was suffering from diabetes for last seven years .In 2008 he had lost his vision due to uncontrolled diabetes.

Mr. and Mrs. Waqar

Another success story, Mr. & Mrs. Waqar share their thoughts on how their lives have been changed after seeking help from Willing Ways.

Naashie Jadogar Hotey Hain: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

In this pamphlet Dr. Sadaqat Ali shared his valuable observations about the tricks addicts usually play to hide their disease.
Celebrity Interview

Imran Khan 's Interview

Few would dispute that Imran was the finest cricketer Pakistan has produced, or the Biggest heart throb for the National youth. The only hope for Pakistan leadership. To know more about his charismatic Personality and his vision of life .Click here to read more.
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