Willing Ways, Islamabad is a state-of-the-art facility for Change Counseling. We began our operation 37 years ago when Pakistan was suddenly hit hard by the ‘Heroin epidemic’. We bravely took the responsibility of making public aware that addiction is very much treatable at any stage. As the heroin addiction declined with the passage of time, alcoholism picked up in Islamabad. So, it was well in time when Willing Ways, Islamabad opened its doors for families who were suffering from a loved one’s drinking. Willing Ways, Islamabad also focused on problems emerging from other addictive behaviors that turn families in to dysfunctional units. We focused on what we call Counseling for Change, to bring peace and serenity in the lives of those who have been suffering in silence, because of a family member’s addictive behavior.

Today we are a trusted leader in the field of Counseling and Educational Materials. When our clients talk about success stories of Willing Ways, Islamabad they use the word miracle. Here is what they say, “We tried our best to change a loved one and struggled: Addiction, alcoholism, all night parties, infidelity, gambling, obesity and other excessive behaviors. Willing Ways, Islamabad helped us identify the vital behaviors, and then miracles followed.”

You may be struggling to change yourself or a loved one with logic and lectures. And you may be puzzled as to what is getting in the way; there may be variety of reasons. Some motivation and ability may be lacking. Peer pressure may be working against you. Precise coaching and support may not be coming through. Tools and resources may be missing. Reward and accountability may not be aligned with change. And then you also need a set of Vital Behaviors to produce results. Willing Ways, Islamabad can help.

You are hesitant to approach a family member whose addictive behavior has been causing all the trouble, he is difficult, you don’t offer any help because you know he will refuse, like always. Your Intervention will open the door of help for a loved one who has been trapped by his addictive behaviors for so long.

Act now! We have a step by step plan for you. Don’t suffer in silence. You have waited too long for miracle. Here it is!

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